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Beauty Treatments

Lash Extensions​

This includes a mixture of Classics, Hybrids, Volume & Mega Volume.

Aftercare - Lash Extensions

  • For the first 24hrs of having a fresh set or infilled lashes- Do not get them wet, expose them to steam, go swimming, wear makeup or sweat.

After 24hrs;

  • Avoid the use of - oil based creams and lotions, mascara, setting spray, micellar water, cotton wool or pads. These can clump the lashes/ cause dirt build up or directly impact retention by breaking down the glue.
  • Instead, opt for a sensitive foaming cleaner and cleanse daily, twice if you wear foundation. Then brush and pat (not rub) with a towel or cool blow dry using a hairdryer.
  • Do not pick, pull or play with your lashes.
  • Keep away from open flames and extreme heat e.g lighters. This can singe or manipulate the shape of the lash impacting retention.
  • This aftercare is essential to maximise retention and keep your lashes healthy. 


'Lash Extensions damage your natural lashes.'

There are ways they can damage your lashes, however most of this happens after you leave the salon. When you pick, pull or play with your lashes, you are putting unnecessary pressure on the root of your lash which could cause permanent damage. If you follow the aftercare above you will keep your healthy lashes!

Your lash tech will choose the best size lashes and curl to suit your lash type. If you want mega full lashes and only have fine, sparse lashes, then I'm afraid it won't be possible.

If you feel the need to pick or pull, chances are you've twisted a lash, maybe swimming or cleaning too roughly. Get in touch with your tech and Im sure they will have 10 minutes to help you!

Lash Lift

This is a curl of the natural lash using products that will result in a 6-8 week lasting time. This treatment also includes a tint.

Must be patch tested for all products in this treatment.

Aftercare - Lash Lift

For the first 24 hours after your lash lift, your lashes are still 'setting' this means they can manipulate their shape very easilly. Avoid sleeping on your side/face incase this changes their shape.

After 24hhours, you can get them wet and wash your face. 

A Lash Lift can be quite a drying treratment for your lashes so a castor oil would benefit the lash health greatly. A light coat before bed will help the lashes overnight.

This treatment can be done every 8 weeks to make sure the lashes arent getting over processed. The tint can be done more regularly.

Brow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a popular treatment that works to smooth and flatten brow hairs. The Lamination will last around 8 weeks, however after 4 weeks you can return for a maintenance treatment of conditioning, shaping & tinting.

Must be patch tested for all products in this treatment.

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